Natural abilities


Natural abilities

This morning I woke up and for some reason the words natural abilities would not stop going through my head.

I sat down for breakfast and thought about what my mind was trying to tell me. It finally hit me.

A couple months ago I had no clue how to blog effectively and make money blogging. Today, it’s as simple as logging on and letting my mind take over on cruise control.

I found an article the other day that attaches well to this subject.

Put simply, the writer tells us to make our own path in life. That “the key to success and the key to happiness are one and the same. The same love that makes you want to dedicate your life to something also motivates you to practice and develop your skills. So stop waiting for your greatness to appear out of thin air. Decide what you really love and start pursuing it today. No one else is going to do it for you.”

Working out your natural abilities

Our brain is a muscle, the more you dedicate yourself to something the stronger you get.

Just like working out at the gym, you do a new exercise and you become sore for a few days, after that it gets easy and you are doing more and more reps every day.

Natural abilities

Best thing about our brain is you can’t really make it “sore”, you can get exhausted, that’s for sure. Especially with a program like the Empower Network that gives you so much information it’s almost overload. In the end it is all worth it.

Once you start the Empower Network it can be easy to get overwhelmed. That is only a sign that you are working that muscle. Once you get it all down it becomes one of your natural abilities.

The best thing about working a new muscle in your life is the ability to start seeing success. Once you start seeing it grow, you have motivation to keep going and make it even stronger!

When I started the Empower Network I had no idea people made this much money blogging, it was crazy to me. All my life I have been breaking my back to make decent money when I could just get on the computer and type up a 500 word blog in less than an hour and make more than I was already making!

Finding your natural abilities

Many of us dream of a different path than the one we are on now. So many people grow up wanting to be doctors, lawyers, etc. but soon find out the time and finances required for those occupations are not within their reach.

The best thing about business opportunities such as the Empower Network is that it gives you the ability to create financial freedom and give yourself more time to start taking action towards your main path in life.

Then again, you could be in my position also. You may be satisfied in your life right now but wanting more time to start a family and be there for your family. Have the abilities to take off whenever you want without worrying about the bills.

Finding your natural abilities can be a frustrating task. With exercise, anything is possible. Try and think back when you were just a kid learning to ride a bicycle. You thought it was impossible right? You kept going, determined to ride that bike and eventually you did and every day after that you jumped back on it like it was nothing, knowing exactly how to keep that bike rolling without eating dirt. It is up to you from here to find your main path in life, DO IT!


Random acts of kindness examples

Many times throughout the day our random acts of kindness may go unnoticed.

It is not the act of being noticed that is important. It is the feeling you get from knowing you did something great.

“I shall pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.”
― Stephen Grellet

Random acts of kindness examples

Knowing random acts of kindness examples

There are many random acts of kindness examples but I want to share one in particular today. An act of kindness that the presenter of this act may not know how much I appreciate.

I have E-mailed my sponsor that introduced me to the Empower Network on a few occasions thanking him for the opportunity that has changed my life so much. He has thanked me for the kind words but I don’t think he knows just how much his act of kindness has brightened my future.

This act of kindness has to be the most rewarding out there. Being able to better the lives of others without even knowing it. By simple presenting an opportunity that may change someones world.

You may help someone cross the street or carry their groceries to their car and they will remember this for the rest of the day. The next morning do you think they will still remember?

More than likely they wont. Does this matter? Of course not, you did a good deed and should be proud.

Being able to help others find a path to living a better life is simply the greatest act of kindness someone can give to another.

Random acts of kindness examples

No matter what act of kindness you show to another you should feel grateful for. We need more kindness in this world.

Being that there are so many random acts of kindness examples it is hard to recognize them all throughout the day. To have your life changed by one of these acts of kindness that continues to lead you to a brighter future is the most amazing experience you can have. The Empower Network is helping so many people achieve this type of kindness to others.

Importance of being yourself


Importance of being yourself

Last night Tonya and I went to a Halloween party.

We noticed how many people act differently when they are under a costume or behind a mask. We see this every day on the internet as well.

People feel more comfortable and free when they acknowledge that they are hidden from the naked eye of others.

I guess that is why so many people feel they can become whoever they want for that one night. Someone they would never have been any other time during the year.

Importance of being yourself

Realize the importance of being yourself

When starting a business online, the worst thing you can do is not be yourself. Sooner or later your true self will be revealed.

Many online marketing businesses have been tarnished by people like this, making others afraid to get in the business.

This is why I have always chose my businesses wisely. When I found the Empower Network I was shocked by how real almost everyone was.

They even have a monthly updated Earnings Disclosure! The Empower Network knows the importance of being yourself and truthful to it’s members.

I had heard about these business opportunities all my life, most everyone does. So why does everyone stay away from them?

They most likely heard the horror stories from others. They were told a story of someone getting in the business, paying their way in and being told they will be helped all the way to the top but actually left at the starting line to figure it out for themselves.

Those of you that know my background know I drive 18 wheelers, I have never even thought about the opportunities in these type of businesses. Driving trucks was what I knew and what I loved to do.

Best thing about being in a truck all day… you have A LOT of time to think! I was constantly thinking to myself “is this what I want to do all my life”. Being on the road, living a life of danger around every turn, wondering if I could do this while starting a family and being away from them.

After much thought, the easy answer was NO. I want to be able to spend as much time as possible with my family.

I was lucky enough to be captured by the video I had seem on the ad space of someones blog one day while I was killing time waiting for a drive schedule. Ever since that day my life has been transformed.

Importance of being yourself

When I joined the Empower Network and started the fast start training the most amazing thing that caught my attention was the emphasis they put on the importance of being yourself in this business. Being told that I can be myself and make money at the same time was shocking. Which makes it so much easier to promote the program when you can actually express you enthusiasm realistically instead of trying to use hype and false success to try and make money on the internet. Be real, live your dreams!

I feel so thankful


I feel so thankful

As some of you know, on Monday 10/22/12, Tonya and I got engaged.

I feel so thankful for all the opportunities I have been given in life and to have all those that care about us.

We were overwhelmed by the next few hours that followed.

Our phones went off numerous times throughout the night with people calling and congratulating us, some people I haven’t talked to in years!

Why I feel so thankful

First off without Tonya I have no idea where I would be in life. I would most likely be doing that same grind I was doing few years before she came along.

I feel so thankful because she gave me a reason to want more in life.

She helped me set more meaningful goals for my future and my family.

I now have 3 businesses that are doing well and creating a residual income for us; Empower Network, Global One and Amway

I feel so thankful

I chose these businesses because of the residual income opportunity. I am on the road most of the time right now and I don’t want this to be the case when I start a family.

I want to be able to spend as much time with them as possible and be there for my family.

These businesses aren’t just about making money either, they have become second families to us.

Saturday afternoon we were actually invited to our Amway group leader’s house for a chill get-together. It was amazing, everyone had brought their kids and they were playing together, some were watching the game on TV, some outside by the pool. Just one big family.

The thing that keeps people away from businesses like this is when they get in a bad group that is just looking for numbers. They welcome you to the crew then walk you off the plank to have you figure it out yourself. Always look for the best group in your area, which personally, I know it is ours. :D

Everyday I feel so thankful for the choices we have

We live in a time where we have choices. I don’t care how you grew up or where. Your dreams are only limited by your desire to reach them.

Make a choice. Are you willing to do what you are doing now till retirement or are you willing to start a new path that few have the will to do.

Are you willing to do what it takes to start a better life for you and your family?

There are many things that have happened in my life that I feel so thankful for. Knowing that by me taking action now will prepare me to be more financially stable in my future is an amazing relief. I encourage everyone to start a businesses opportunity of their own to create a residual income. That way no matter what happens, your family will still have a source of income. You can’t predict the future, no one can, but you can prepare yourself for whatever is thrown your way.

Next step in my life


Next step in my life

Last night I took the next step in my life.

I asked Tonya to marry me. Of course she said yes.

Next step in my life

The timing couldn’t be any better. Our businesses are doing well, we know our goals for the next couple years and we will fight to reach those goals.

By the time we start a family in a few years we plan on having an amazing residual and passive income to be there to support us no matter if we decide to take off work or not for a while.

Residual and passive income – next step in YOUR life?

If Tonya had not come into my life I would probably not be as passionate with this opportunity I have been given.

I was doing okay, I had good jobs that I loved to do, why would I need anything more, why take that next step in my life?

Meeting her changed the entire equation. I knew some day I would start a family and I needed to get off my butt and be prepared. To do something that would allow me to be with my family as much as possible without the worry of still being able to pay the bills at the end of every month.

Not only is it an income to give me the ability to spend time with my family but it is also a business my children can have making them money forever.

The work I put into my businesses today benefit my children’s future.

Knowing the next step in my life

I have actually made it a goal here recently for me to let as many of my friends and family know about business opportunities like these.

Even if you have already started a family it doesn’t matter, this could be extra income for things you want or need.

If you look into the far future this can even be a great retirement bonus.

If these businesses keep growing the way they are I might even retire early. :D Get back all that time I wasted working hard instead of smart.

Never again will I allow time to affect my life. Time will now start working for me.

Every hour I put into my businesses creates future income for me.

Only time will tell what the next step in my life will be but knowing my future is secure is an amazing weight off my shoulders and makes my decisions as far as right now easier. I don’t care what you join, Empower Network, Amway, Avon, Herbalife, ACN, doesn’t matter as long as you have a way of creating residual and passive income in your life. They take hardly any time to build so I don’t want to hear the excuse ‘I don’t have time’, damn right you don’t. You are wasting your precious time right now headed towards a dead end. Make a decision, are you gonna squeeze by in life or are you gonna live an amazing life? The life you always dreamed of but just didn’t have a way to get there, well now you do!

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